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Start your journey to online business success
Free bulk sms website for starters
Special reseller pricing guarantees high profit margin
No hosting charges for hosted reseller sites
850+ networks ensure global coverage at lowest cost
Highest delivery rate
API ease of connectivity - HTTP, SMPP


Whether you wish to integrate your existing apps/websites or you are a starter seeking for an opportunity to set your feet strongly on the internet mega-income earner, bulk sms, we are on hand 24/7 to set your system up and running.
Ours is a system that guarantees quality and ease of running for both the intermediate and experienced internet users.
Bulk sms today has grown into a mega nine-figure online business.
It has found importance in various industries and organizations, making it one of the most sought-after service in the communications industry.
Having your own website is the fastest way to get your own cut of this high-profit online business.

A robust bulk sms platform built to guarantee reseller success.

You buy units at special resellers rates and sell to your customers at your own fixed price, keeping all the profits to yourself.

Free Personalized Website

We will build a new personalized website ( free for you, loaded with 15,000 instant sms units for starters.
For your existing websites/apps, we will integrate our API or optionally migrate them to our server and host same at no cost to you.
Online payment gateway integration is available to enable you accept debit ATM card payments on your website.

Free Lifetime Hosting

We take away most of the financial burden of maintaining a bulk sms website from you...
Only concentrate your efforts on making sales and profit.
Say goodbye to recurrent webhosting fees, as our highly optimized messaging platform carries all your website loads free.
Yes, we will host your website free for the whole life of the business.

Smart Tech Support & Extras

24/7 Priority technical support via WhatsApp, email and sms.

Latest gsm numbers of residents of LGAs and states in Nigeria (valued at N300,000) made available to you free.
NO hidden, complicated, monthly/yearly maintenance fee/charges.
Simply buy units at very low cost, resell and keep your profits.

Just a few clicks away from your own online business success story

Let's get started..



To join our reseller system:

STEP ONE: Make a one-time payment of N22,500 using any method below.

STEP TWO: Proceed to create a profile here

STEP THREE: Send payment information, indicating your new profile username to [ crew ], or via SMS/WhatsApp to +2348138002199.
Kindly note that the website you get is free.
If you have an existing website or app, kindly proceed to API Integration after completing step two.
Your payments will be 100% credited as initial sms units, which you can start using/selling immediately.

Domain name charges will be billed to your sms account.
    VoguePay Online Payment
UBA Bank

DuruSystems Ltd.

Diamond Bank

DuruSystems Ltd.

Paystack Online Payment
You may find other ways to pay here.

Your new website will be ready within 5 days of confirmation.


Affordability of quality bulk sms is our watchword

You get quality messaging at considerably low prices
Most cost-effective pricing @N1.50/unit flat rate to guarantee high profitability
Prices are inclusive of 5%VAT. To purchase via bank transfers/deposits, add N50 stamp duty charges.
Note: SMS units don't expire. A page of sms will take 1 unit to all Nigerian GSM networks, including MTN.
For the unit costs to deliver a page of SMS to all countries, see full coverage list here
To recharge your reseller account, pay for your choice pack using the payment options here


Our bulk sms services can be seamlessly integrated into any application or platform that supports HTTP API.
Below are the URL settings and parameters to guide you through the integration process.

Send Message API

You can send to single or multiple gsm numbers via the API.
End Point URL:
API Name = miyapp

Example [Sending to Mobile(s)]
API URL:,9044XXXXXXX&senderid=miyapp&message=hello&unicode=1&schedule=yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss

Example [Sending to Mobile(s), exclude DND numbers]
API URL:,9044XXXXXXX&senderid=miyapp&message=hello&unicode=1&schedule=yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss&dnd=0

Example [Sending to Group(s)],2&senderid=miyapp&message=hello&unicode=1&schedule=yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss

Example [Sending to Group(s), exclude DND numbers],2&senderid=miyapp&message=hello&unicode=1&schedule=yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss&dnd=0

Example [SPC Portal]
API response on Success: 1111
API Response confirmation: Contains
Account balance API:
Push to API as: Bulk


user * = The login name for you SMS account
password * = The login password for your SMS account
mobile * = The target mobile numbers separated with comma (ex. 08138002199,08033333333 etc)
senderid * = The sender name that will show as ‘from’ address (ex. your company trade name, not more than 11 characters)
message * = The actual text message to send to the target mobile number (ex. Hello)
schedule = This is to schedule the SMS in future date. The format should be yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss (ex. 2016:01:31:14:20:10)
unicode = This is used for send Unicode sms via SMS HTTP API (ex. 1 or 2)
Unicode = 1 (You can directly send the Unicode characters)
Unicode = 2 (You can send Unicode converted as hex)
group_id = Account holder Group id in (ex. 1,2,3)
dnd = 0 (this is used to exclude DND numbers)
dnd = 1 (default value - this is used to include DND numbers)

* = mandatory

Response Codes

1111:SUCCESS:SMS Submitted Successfully, mobilecount=x, creditsused=y (When all the mobile numbers are accepted for delivery)
1112:SUCCESS:SMS Submitted Successfully, mobilecount=x, creditsused=y, failedcount=z (When there are few numbers which are not accepted for delivery)
1113:SUCCESS:SMS Scheduled Successfully
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. User cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Password cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Mobile or Group id cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Message cannot be empty
1005:ERROR:Invalid value in username or password field
1030:ERROR:Account doesn't exist
1010:ERROR:Account expired
1015:ERROR:Your credits are Low
1020:ERROR:Invalid Sender
1040:ERROR:You are not allowed to send Unicode Messages
1050:ERROR:Character count is greater than X
1060:ERROR:Invalid Group id Specified
1070:ERROR:Invalid schedule time
1080:ERROR:Unable to schedule message
1090:ERROR:Unable to send message
1100:ERROR:Message has been waitlisted (mobilecount=x)

Check Balance API

You can retrieve your account balance via API

EndPoint URL:

Example [Send Credits Balance]

Example [Receive Credits Balance]

Example [Get Account]


user * = The login name for you SMS account
password * = The login password for your SMS account
action * = The action string. It can be 'send' or 'receive' or 'account'

* = mandatory

Response Codes

1112:SUCCESS:Total Send Credits:xx Used Credits: yy Remaining credits: zz
1113:SUCCESS:Total Receive Credits:xx Used Credits: yy Remaining credits: yy
{"name":"Super User","Totalsendcredits":"xx","Usedsendcredits":"yy","Remainingsendcredits":"zz","TotalRrecivecredits":"xxx","UsedRrecivecredits":"yyy","Remainingrecivecredits":"zzz","createdDate":"28 Jan,2016 03:14 PM","expiryDate":"03 Feb,2017 09:15 PM"}
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. User cannot be empty
1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Password cannot be empty
1055:ERROR:Please enter the valid action

For SMPP binding details, or any need for assistance on integrating our API into your platform, contact our Support Crew []


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